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#1  19 April 2013.  Managing the Healthcare System: Dennis Simpson, presenter, Jan Hahn, moderator, Warren Hills, Melissa Bosak, and Drew Voytal.


#2  20 September 2013.  Diet, Exercise, and Healthy Living for Seniors. Led by Gretchen Kauth [Coordinator of Nutrition Services, Sindecuse], Jen Bailey [Assistant Director of Fitness and Employee Wellness at Rec Center] and Brian Helsel, graduate student in fitness education.


#3  15 November 2013.  Rehabilitation Services, WMU Unified Clinics and Insurance Coverage.  Dr. Jan Hahn,  Dr. Carol Sundberg,  Melissa Bosak of Blue Cross Blue Shield.


#4 4 April 2014. Implications of the Affordable Care Act for WMU and WMU Retirees.  Presenters: WMU Human Resources: Warren Hills and Leon McGee; AARP Associate State Director, Community Outreach:  Andrew Farmer; and BCBS Representative: Bradley Whittle.

#5 31 October 2014.  Myth Busters: Five Things Every Retiree Should Know about Elder Law.  Kelly Quardokus, Q-Elder Law, PLC.


#6   8 May 2015.  Comparing Medicare Supplement Policies.  Lisa Fuller, Regional Coordinator for Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program, Senior Services of Southwest Michigan


#7   24 July 2015.   Wise Use of Medication.  Jim Middleton, Director,  Western Michigan University,  Sindecuse Pharmacy.


#8 16 October 2015.  Elder Law II: Estate Plan Check-up.  Kelly Quardokus, Q Elder Law, PLC.

#9   9 April 2016. WMU Retiree Benefits.  Warren Hills, Associate Vice-President Human Resources; Sue Rodia, Benefits Manager; Dr. Lisa Marshall, Benefits, and Joe VanDerBos, Marketing Manager Sindecuse Health Center; Dr. Carol Sundberg, Director WMU Unified Clinics; Angie Penny, Coordinator Membership/Marketing and Kara Niehuis Membership/Sales, West Hills Athletic Club.

#10  13 May 2016. Using the BCBS Website.  Melissa Bosak, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

#11  26 August 2016.  Navigating Healthcare Plan Costs and Exploring Alternatives to Western's BCBSM Healthcare Plan for Retirees, Spouses and Dependents. Joe Ekstrom, Vice President of the Campbell Group; Gigi Stellema, Health Insurance Account Manager, Paul Goebel Group; Cindy Broom, BCBS of Michigan.

#12  21 October 2016 Comparing Medicare Supplement Policies. Lisa Fuller, Regional Coordinator for Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program, Senior Services of Southwest Michigan

#13 11 November 2016. Essentials of a Successful Investment Strategy, Part I.  Dr. A. D. Issa, CFP.

#14 18 November 2016  Essentials of a Successful Investment Strategy, Part II. Dr. A.D. Issa, CFP.



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