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WARF was established in 2005 by fourteen retired faculty who had been active in positioning WMU-AAUP as a collective-bargaining chapter. The mission of WARF was and is to advocate for the health care and other benefits of Western Michigan University faculty retirees that are negotiated or may be negotiated as part of the WMU-AAUP Agreement.  These efforts are conducted by a Steering Committee composed of up to nine members.

Currently, WARF has over 300 members.  Membership is open to retirees who meet qualifications to retire as “faculty” as described in Article 35 of the WMU-AAUP Agreement for their date of hire.  Associate membership is open to surviving Spouses/Partners of WARF members and others invited by the Steering Committee.  Associate members have all benefits of membership except voting and serving on the Steering Committee.

The focus of the Steering Committee is providing information related to retirement and benefits to all members.  The Committee responds to member concerns through sponsorship of Navigating Retirement sessions, attending AAUP Chapter, Association Council, and Executive Committee meetings, meeting with Chapter leadership, and communication updates.  Steering Committee meetings are open to all members


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Approved Minutes February 20, 2020

Navigating Healthcare Session  10/15/21

WARF is grateful for the additional support it has received from the following members:


Peter Krawutschke

Gary Mathews

Michael McDonnell

Dale Porter

Karen Seelig