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WARF Steering Committee Activities and Initiatives

·         Responding to member concerns regarding healthcare and other benefits.


 ·    Support of the Chapter through the Post Card Initiative.


·   Sponsorship of “Navigating Retirement” sessions focusing on issues of interest to retirees and their families.       


 ·   Attending AAUP Chapter, Association Council, and Executive Committee Meeting.




Steering Committee Meetings


December 12

 9:30 am

Montague House

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Purpose of WARF

The purpose of WARF is to advocate for the health care and other benefits of Western Michigan University faculty retirees that are negotiated or may be negotiated as part of the WMU-AAUP Agreement. In addition, the organization shall provide information related to retirement to retired faculty and their surviving spouses/partners and associate members.



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Membership in WARF is open to those University retirees who meet the qualifications to retire as “faculty” as described in Article 35: Retirement of the current WMU-AAUP contract for their date of hire. These qualifications include the required full-time service in a Board-appointed, ranked faculty position and holding tenure in an academic department at the University prior to the effective date of retirement.  Associate Membership in WARF is open to surviving Spouses/Partners of WARF members and others invited by the Steering Committee. Associate members have all benefits of membership except voting and serving as board members. 

The Steering Committee


Steering Committee Meetings are open to any member who wishes to attend.

Steering Committee Members serving staggered three-year terms:


Barbara Speas Havira, Chair  (2017-2019)  

Philip Micklin, Vice-Chair (2017-2019)

Pam Rooney, Secretary and Information Officer (2017-2019) 

Peter Krawutschke, Treasurer (2019-2021)

Phillip Caruso (2018-2020)

John Nielsen (2018-2020)


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